Red Vein

Cold Hearted Bitch


It was winter on the planet of Xurant. The Xur had briefly ceased their near constant battle for planet dominance in favor of surviving the winter. The worship of Khorne was becoming less dedicated due to the lack of kills to offer.

The Frost Mother, Red Vein, was restless. The lack of kills was unsatisfying. The lapse in Khorne offerings. . . Pathetic. She rallied some of the tribes together and convinced them to take a ship and pursue Khorne’s legacy elsewhere. But first, a lesson to the Imperium scum trying to dirty the people of Xur with their ridiculous political reform. They’d stupidly landed a flagship on Xurant, likely with the intention of furthering their silly inquisition. Fools.

Red Vein: We are taking the fight elsewhere, and we are taking it in that ship.

Some Asshole: That ship? The flagship of the Imperium?

Red Vein: Yes.

Some Asshole: They’ll slaughter us!

[The asshole in question was promptly decapitated by Red Vein.]

Red Vein: Now, unless any other weaklings would like to make themselves known, let the worship of Khorne begin.

The tribes fell on the ship like army ants on a scorpian. []

They went into battle chanting “BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!”

The Imperium had not planned on the attack, or on the harsh Xurant winter. Those who were not nursing frostbite injuries, were huddled in blankets and furs, actively wishing their leaders would order the ship to move to someplace with a more hospitable climate. They were completely blindsided by the unseasonable attack by Red Vein and her tribes.
After several decapitations, lacerations, disembowelments, skull bashings, ear bitings, and spinal displacements . . . The ship was theirs. They kept/enslaved one tech priest on board to ensure that the ship kept functioning properly whilst in space, and to keep the rest of the imperium off their asses while on their murder cruise. (Distress signal? What distress signal? Must have been a glitch. Tipped off by who? Oh, he went insane after his dick froze off in the Xurant winter. We had to kill him. I’m sure that’s where all the confusion came about. Sorry, our bad. Though, we did warn him not to to urinate outside the ship. Yes, anyhow, all hail the emperor and good day to you.)

The murder cruise was so successful that eventually Red Vein’s party managed to acquire a small legion of stolen Imperial ships. Four, to be precise. Unfortunately, word was spreading about the mysterious disappearances of Imperial property and crews. (Dead men tell no tales, but failure to report for duty when summoned by your superiors sure is suspicious.)

After several broadcasts from the Imperium to all Imperium ships, detailing multiple threats to whomever was responsible for the thefts and supposed murders, and the promise of rewards and glory for whomever came forward with information, one of the tech priests kept alive by the Xur, finally cracked. He sent out coordinates of all four of Red Vein’s ships to the Imperium, who promptly responded with a massive attack force. The resulting battle ended with most of Red Vein’s crew being killed, and the remaining members enslaved, imprisoned or both.

Being the leader of the whole operation, Red Vein was carted off to space prison and frozen in time on the “Chains of Judgement.”

Red Vein

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