The Fall of Izalith

The Chains of Judgement

O, why should wrath be mute, and fury dumb?
I am no baby, I, that with base prayers
I should repent the evils I have done:
Ten thousand worse than ever yet I did
Would I perform, if I might have my will;
If one good deed in all my life I did,
I do repent it from my very soul.
– Aaron the Moor

The Chains of Judgement started its life as an Iconoclast Destroyer, fighting against the Imperium forces in the Angevin Crusade. It was captured in 487.M39 and, being too weak to serve in the progressing Crusade, was given to the Inquisition to aid in rooting out Heresy in the fledgling Calixis Sector. The Chains of Judgement was repaired and refitted as a prison barge tasked with conveying Heretics to Scintilla, capital planet of the Calixis Sector, for specialized interrogation or long term incarceration.
One could say that It is within the panopticon of the Chains of Judgement’s prison holds that the 14th Black Crusade truly began. Among the mass of prisoners accused of Heresy, there was a Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix, a Renegade of Khorne, a Xurunt Frost Mother, and a Flesh Shaper of Melancholia. Chained, one to the other, they looked on with the rest in the direction of the Warden’s Tower, where High Lord Inquisitor Renthor was welcoming the newly incarcerated with an abundance of threats and vehement scorn – as only an Inquisitor could.
Once the diatribe was complete, the four Heretics, and several hundred others, were led to the newly installed stasis coffins, deep below in the crypts. They were stripped and interred, each within their own coffin, where they would pass the greater part of the voyage in a restless sleep.
When they woke, they found a thick layer of dust covering everything. There were no guards yelling insults at them. Only the emergencies lights were on. It was clear that something was very wrong. The cogitator column in the center of the crypt confirmed this. The ship’s security logs showed that the Heretics had been in stasis for over two-hundred years.
They decided their first priority was to retrieve their weapons and armor, which the cogitator informed them could be found on the Medicae Deck in Laboratorium V.
They headed in the direction of the Medicae Deck, guided by a servitor skull. The ship seemed to be abandoned. Only debris filled its halls. Many doors had been damaged, and some routes were completely impassable. The servitor adjusted its route accordingly and succeeded in guiding the Heretics to Laboratorium V.
Within the Laboratorium, the Heretics found four ghoulish creatures hiding in the darkness. They were hostile, so a short, awkward battle ensued between the naked Heretics and the Ghouls. The Heretics defeated the Ghouls and retrieved their belongings.

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